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Wonderful things, eclectic collections, definitely different… Seaside style is a relaxing, unhurried pastime, unlike anywhere else in the world. Discover what you will not find in city malls. Stroll along pedestrian-friendly streets and landscaped parks lined with one-of-a-kind stores, an artist colony, a grocery store, a bookshop and in all, more than 50 shops. Enjoy actually meeting and chatting with shop owners who take pride in finding treasures and gifts that are creative, original and unique.

Take a break. Step out to a beach pavilion on the gulf, feel the breeze and enjoy the beautiful view.
Savor the inviting aromas of the restaurants, from fun food to award-winning fine restaurants. Just remember that the dress code is always relaxed and casual like the experience itself. Enjoy Seaside Florida.

Seaside began with the beach. A beach noted for its fine, white sand and clear turquoise waters. Today, that one-half mile stretch of beach is reverenced for its beauty and recognized as belonging to all of us, residents and visitors, alike. At the end of each street, stands a pavilion, an open gateway to the last of America’s beautiful, unspoiled beaches. There are nine beach pavilions, each architecturally distinctive and each a symbol of the sharing of the beach and of Seaside’s commitment to harmony with the environment.

In fact, Seaside, for the third year, has been designated a Blue Wave Beach from the Clean Beach Council. The Blue Wave, America’s first environmental certification for beaches, recognizes responsible beach management practices, including water quality, beach and inter-tidal conditions, safety, services, habitat conservation, public education and erosion management

Seagrove Beach

This peaceful beach town is tucked between the coast's natural dunes, among oak, pine, magnolia, hickory and holly trees. Back in the 1940s and 1950s, families came to Seagrove Beach to rent modest one-story cottages with paddle fans instead of air conditioning and wide screened porches (perfect for sleeping).

Some families returned year after year, and now second and third generations make the journey. Many of those cottages still exist, although they've been updated for today's travelers and are now thoroughly shaded by mature scrub trees and plants. Swimming and sandcastle building were once the popular pastimes, since there weren't many commercial ventures in the Seagrove area. Now visitors have numerous options for recreation as well as dining. Just up the road are art galleries and antique stores. Eastern and Deer Lakes make wonderful spots for quiet reflection, or put in a canoe or kayak for a day of exploration around the Seagrove Beach area.


Rosemary Beach

Inspired by the small, waterfront towns of the Caribbean, Rosemary Beach was realized by a skilled group of planners, architects and local craftsmen. Its neighborhoods form an intricate patchwork: Singular homes, open spaces and intimate courtyards, woven together by lanes, sand paths and boardwalks.

Each home in Rosemary Beach has been individually designed by its owner and a select design team. The result is a collection of homes rich with architectural character and elegant interior detail.

Time- and climate- tested building traditions from the West Indi
es and American South combine with a rich palette of colors and architectural forms. The deep eaves, shuttered sleeping porches and hipped roofs are both beautiful and functional. High ceilings allow sea breezes to circulate; open balconies offer space to appreciate the sounds of the gentle surf.


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